Directions to The Royal Commonwealth Pool

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​Classes are held in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland at The Royal Commonwealth Pool. All classes are held in studio 2, located beside the gym.

If your looking for something to keep you active, have fun or something a bit more serious then there's a class for you.  Highland Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit. It requires strength, balance, co-ordination and stamina. If these are components you don't think you have then don't worry you most definitely will progress quickly after a few classes. A hard work out and a great way to meet new friends. Classes will be sculpted, planned and designed to every  individuals needs and goals. 

Ages start from 5 years old up to Adults. 
We currently have 6 various classes available. Dancer's are to be assessed before progression to the next class. If you have danced before please email and we can advise which class may be best. 

                                               Stage 2/3/4:  1700-1900

                                                    Entry: 1300-1345
                                                    Stage 1: 1345-1430
                                                      Stage 2: 1430-1600
                                               Stage 3/4: 1600-1800 
                                                       Adults: 1800-1900

​All classes are paid via Direct Debit on a monthly basis. Please see the contact us page if you wish to contact us for further information.